Tuesday, October 18, 2011


"There is built-in tension between the desire to return a kidnapped soldier ... and the need to preserve the security of the citizens of Israel," Netanyahu said, in comments at opening the Cabinet meeting. "I believe we reached the best deal that we can reach at this time, a stormy time in the Middle East." I believe that Netanyahu has made the best decision ever in his career as leader and Prime Minister in Israel to save Gilad Schalit from the claws of the enemy. The 1000 soldiers swapped is no match to one Israeli soldier who has suffered unimaginable five years in prison in hostile territory. YHWH just showed how valuable His people are in that one is worth his weight in a thousand of them. A lot of people regard it as disgraceful, but why? Is it disgraceful to save a life? How much more disgraceful is it to just let him die while doing nothing when you have the power to save him? So what if they are killers? It doesn't mean that they are not anymore vulnerable to the power of YHWH. There is nothing to be afraid of. If YHWH be for us, who can be against us? Many people prayed to Hashem to save him and now that He answered their prayers, you call it a disgrace? It is for a purpose and His ways are higher than man's ways. We are to have faith and not doubt what He has done.

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