Saturday, March 15, 2008


The unrest that the Arroyo administration is now undergoing is due to the resulting ineptness and utter enslavement of our government to the controlling few. The people can see in plain sight how our government is being controlled by the few to serve only their own interests. The scandals that wreak havoc which resulted from sheer greed and opportunistic attempts to get the most from our poor and ailing nation which depended so much from gigantic loans just to keep the economy afloat has greatly, negatively affected the people's trust of our government officials. What a shame! And the blatant lies we hear everyday lauding how the people's livelihood had allegedly improved under her rule when in fact, people's lives have remained stagnant if not even poorer. Crimes have worsened and poverty had risen unprecedentedly. It is too much, way too much to handle. We don't want this.

The truth is right there in plain sight. Lies could not cover the truth up. It's like a volcano where the lava is slowly creeping out of it's mouth. It could not be covered up. It will eventually come out.

We can wait for the 2010 election and why not? What we don't like is the pretentious smugness which you deliberately try to project as if you have done nothing downright evil. I think no one can stay a saint in such a powerful position, ever. Anyone would surely be tempted to use power to serve her own interests. Yes we can understand that. It's the nature of man.

But, please show us some humility. Just admit the reality. Don't flaunt us with fantasies and lies. It makes our skin crawl with goosebumps. Ask forgiveness and make amends. It would be better than pretending you are righteous and have done nothing bad. At least it would silence our clamor for your blood. If you really want us to be quiet and leave you there till your bow out of office, be humble. Don't let people fight and hate each other as they rally for you and against you. Please don't stir the people's ire some more for your own good.

The Filipinos have soft hearts. And they love simplicity and humility done in sincerity. It's a sacrifice you can do for all. We are not stripping you of power and wealth. You got enough so be contented. Don't overdo it. You can sail on to 2010.

As others say, "moderate your greed". Moderate indeed! I guess that's the point. And no more lies. Better say nothing than tell another lie. Enough is enough.

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