Tuesday, August 5, 2008


The earth is in a stage where the global warming phenomenon is the most urgent concern that has gotten the attention of millions of people. People scamble to find ways to help reduce the global warming effect that's being felt by everyone. There is some truth in it. It is noticeably unusually hot nowadays especially when the sun give off it's heat full blast. It's been reported that in various areas of our planet the temperature thermometer registers unusually high marks that it literally kindled terrifying fires which presently devours some of the forests in California.

In some places, it is also interesting to note that while it is so hot in other parts, many places are being devastated by floods and landslides due to heavy rains of unprecedented proportion. Fires devastated so much while water have posed a scourge in other countries. Many people lost their homes while others unfortunately lost their lives in the process. It is sobering to man's simple understanding as he contemplates the whs of the opposing phenomenon. Others may try to explain it away scientifically but it is still largely baffling to the human mind.

Global warmimg cannot be the only culprit we need to identify. We must also take into consideration that nuclear winter equally poses a threat to our existence. And we are seeing now how it would happen - simultaneously as dual or maybe multiple calamity. This is a reality not even remotely impossible because it is already underway.

If one has read the Bible, it can be read from the Bible that the time would come that men would curse God because of extreme heat. Instead of taking it as a cue to repent of their sins they instead curse God. I believe that it is already unfolding in front of our very own eyes. Even drinking water was prophesied that it would becoem so expensive in the last days. And we are already buying expensive bottled water. No one drinks from the well anymore. while sold mineral water is considered hygienic it is already stripped of the natural micro-nutrients which causes the body to become acidic if drunk continuously and thus making our bodies vulverable to various cancer diseases.

Wars, rumors of wars, calamities, diseases and hunger were foretold, just as it is happening in front of us. What's happening is nothing new. These things would happen as it was prophesied and nothing can stop it. People can only concoct their own solutions, but the only solution that would work is by listening and heeding to God's warnings and repent and pray that he would make us worthy to escape all these things even as calamities wreak havoc around us. A woman travails when she is nearing the giving birth of a new baby so it is with the world because this world is about to be replaced with the new heaven and earth.

It would be wise to make amends with the way we are living our lives and live according to God's plan. For more information on other prophecies concerning our time, see www.theTrumpet.com and be prepared to be stunned with the truth.

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