Thursday, December 1, 2011


Some pictures taken by my brother recently when he went to Camp Phillips Bukidnon where we grew up as kids. Many places have changed in appearance. There are some pictures where I studied in high school. Some pictures of the pineapple fields and of the Mount Kitanglad seen in the distance. The last is of the church where I used to go when I am sad and just sit there praying and savoring the silence. It has changed. The steeple wasn't there already. Now it was modernized which was unfortunate. I like its former appearance, anyway, I don't go to such church anymore. My father worked in Del Monte, Philippines for many years until he retired. I really still miss the place. A very cold place where the trees and plants are abundant which give it a fresh and healthy view. I hope I could ave a chance to visit it even for once.

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