Thursday, December 22, 2011


I go about reading articles written about how Yahushua did not meet the criteria of being the Messiah saying that he did not fulfill any of the prophesies about him. And there was the question about genealogies which supposedly did not really point to him. When he came he had nothing to redeem Israel as he came a servant and not someone powerful enough to instill fear among all nations and what is more he died a cruel death disappointing those who are ready to grip power beside him. It may have even put them to shame because he was too meek. I understand what they mean. Yet in spite of all these, I am still reluctant to give credence to the argument. In the meantime I savor all the unpleasant taste of the words thrown at him who willingly "laid down his life for his friends". Why he did do it? Are there any super natural reasons behind it? And was that enough to save mankind from their sins and wickedness? Why couldn't people believe that his death could save them if they only believe? Sooner or later the truth of the matter will surface as clear as crystal for all to see. Now they refuse to acknowledge it. They think that they don't need a Messiah even if YHWH did give a son to make known his father's name to the world. May all be with enlightened with wisdom and understanding.

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