Sunday, October 9, 2011


Here's Satan's number one victory when He is allowed to inject the cancer virus of religion into a group of Yah's people: It moves Yah's people away from vibrant, life-giving personal relationship with Him to life-taking selfishness. Religion ends up twisting priorities in the mind's of His people, and blinds Holy Spirit discernment and perception. Religion ultimately deceives Yah's people into being more concerned about what Yah can do for them ... rather than what is most important to Him ... which happens to be lost souls, first and foremost, then secondly, discipling and equipping them as adequately as possible. Our flesh absolutely hates change, and wouldn't you know ... Satan fully realizes that. Stubborn tradition will drive the Holy Spirit right out of your midst! The Holy Spirit likes freshness. The Holy Spirit likes creativity. The Holy Spirit likes doing spontaneous things in our midst simply because it brings Him great pleasure with springing delightful surprises on YHWH's people (all for the ultimate purpose of accomplishing the Father's will however, not to just put on some "show"). Satan knows full well that the best way to stifle the Holy Spirit's delight in releasing creativity and spontaneity and ultimately power to do the miraculous in the midst of His people when He desires is to slowly suck people into the cancer of tradition. The Holy Spirit recorded in the Bible this prayer from Yashushuah: "Father, make them one, so the world will believe that you sent me." (John 17:21) Believers are not united in Yahuwah. Each one are competing with one another. Others do nothing except point out faults in others instead of teaching and showing them the way. They may believe that they are better than all others because they know better than most. And they feel proud and therefore more holy. Believers ought to be one body in Yahushuah. I doubt if that is what is happening to the body. All I see is that we have become more disjointed and more fractured than ever. When can we ever become one? How can we ever be one if that is our attitude? Do we really think that we have passed the lessons we have in this life? *Excerpt from Norm Rasmussen's writings relevant to the present time condition of so-called 'believers' hearts..

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