Saturday, August 18, 2012


Toiling in prayer reveals Godliness in oneself and in the world. At the beginning of the day, the soul is said to be only in the person’s nose, and through prayer it is revealed throughout the body and in the world. This protects the person from the “evil spirit,” or at least endows him with the strength to overcome it. In fact, prayer has even greater power. Consistently toil in meditation in prayer brings the light of Godliness to truly shine in one’s mind; this then arouses the heart to Godliness, and reveals the Divine Soul throughout the person. Then one will never desire to sin at all, for “the strength of the soul is the weakness of the body.” The “body” here refers to the coarse desires of the Bestial Soul. When the Divine Soul dominates through consistent meditation on Godliness, these desires are weakened to the point that they may not be able to express themselves at all although they are still present.