Saturday, October 15, 2011

Occupy Wall St.Continues

Occupy Wall St. continues leaderless. Many such protest movements are sprouting all over America to show their support of Occupy Wall St. Even some parts of Asia, similar protests are forming. I wonder who might be the hidden instigator of this so-called revolution. I believe someone behind the scenes is the master mind of this revolution. Just how will this end up is something worth following through? Could this be what we can label as the American Spring? Let us follow this and see what happens. Hopefully since Obama had condemned crackdown against protesters in the Arab Spring, we can expect that he would not do such a horrible thing to the American people. He will show himself to be a good and compassionate leader of America who wouldn't hurt his own people, that is if he really feels the American people his own flesh ad blood. Some say that this revolution is being instigated by NWO in order to create chaos so that they can have a reason to implement Martial law. And so when it happens many Americans will be charged with rebellion and then arrested and then even killed through beheading. This sounds unlikely at the moment but who knows. News and events nowadays are somehow are being manufactured from some hidden basement that we don't even know which is fact and which is fiction. We just have to be on the look out to be able to determine and discern the truth of the matter. May YHWH guide and direct the paths of those that rely on Him.

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