Sunday, October 2, 2011

Occupy Wall St. Picture

This is one of the interesting pictures that's recently taken in Occupy Wall St. It is said that more and more people and even organizations have joined the movement in spite of the arrest of 700 people by the police. It seemed to fire the people more as they see the police's aggressiveness towards the protesters. YHWH's words in the Bible indeed manifests in this event. America has espoused protests in Mid East recently. So now they're having protests in their own land. As much as they condemned harsh crackdown of protesters in the Middle East, so they must not also use force against the people who are just doing what they think can make themselves be heard.The government should listen to the people and forge change to turn the tide against them and satisfy the people's demands. I would admire the president if he allows people to protest and air their grievances and make the necessary move to address it without having to use force and bloodshed. Many say that they don't believe in this movement but whether they like it or not, it would make a lot of changes that will greatly affect everyone. Well, they prefer to be at the sidelines and watch what will happen next whether for good or for worst.

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