Monday, October 3, 2011

Yakuza Scourge

I got interested about an article "Goodbye Yakuza" which I just read in Yahoo news. It was stated there that Japanese government is doing all they can to conquer the Yakuza syndicate which bully, blackmail and extort huge money from businesses and companies in Japan. “The new laws will make the price of paying off the yakuza, in loss of face and in penalties, much more expensive than the actual cash payments to the yakuza." This is according to a retired police detective. This is a new and positive development. If they are really serious in imposing this, it would surely make their country a little bit safer for the common people who go there for work. My brother died while working in Japan and we suspected that yakuza has something to do with it. Before he died he called and informed us that should he die he has an insurance of 50 million dollars. Why would he say that if he didn't suspect something sinister is about to happen to him? And then he died by drowning. They made it appear that he drowned himself by suicide which was of course something we couldn't believe. It is one of the many ways they make money. They befriend you and entice you of bigger salary by dealing with them and then they make you sign a contract and presto you are insured. Then you die suddenly of accident and they collect the insurance. Very sad for my brother who died of a very young age. He has a family who needed him. But because of them his daughter is fatherless now. Kudos to the Japanese government! At least by this, they have shown that they are really doing something. My brother is only one of the many people who were victimized by them. It is only right that yakuza scourge must be eliminated from their midst.

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