Sunday, April 13, 2008


The prices of virtually all commodities skyrocketed practically overnight. We are all caught off-guard. From 33.00 pesos per kilo of rice it went off to 40.00 and there is rumor that it would even reach to 50.00 per kilo. You can just imagine how the prices of all other commodities rose along with it. It's unbelievable. There is a so-called rice shortage. From my vantage point, I think there is no shortage in rice. There are lots of it in the market. But the trouble is that the people has no money to buy rice especially that it has become unreasonably expensive.

I think all these corruptions and scandals has something to do with it. It is of course the natural result of it. What more could it do to us, except make our lives more miserable. Such actions can only have adverse effect to the people eventually sooner or later. So now we have this. You can just imagine how almost all government agency can usurp money meant to improve and help alleviate our economy and not affect us miserably by making us poorer.

But then, maybe I am not surprised anymore with it because as it is being predicted a long time ago in the Bible that times will become perilous for all. We cannot anymore rely on the wisdom of those who are in authority for they will become lovers of their own selves. Evil will be glorified and will become only worst. Justice will not anymore be served to those who seek it.

I decided not to let my heart be distressed or intimidated because all these things must happen as it was ordained from the foundation of the world. I believe that all things will work together for good to them that love God and who are the called according to His purpose.

Meanwhile, life goes on, and needs to be lived on a day to day basis. I cling to God, because if not, I will become crazy and desperate. Only God can give us peace which not even our government or whatever can give.

"Come and see the works of God: He is terrible in His doing toward the children of men." Psalm 66: 5

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