Sunday, February 24, 2008


The corruption in the Philippine government is allegedly caused by the oligarch who are there at the seat of the government. I believe that it is true. It is so sad to realize how dirty and how pathetic this government has become. I think that it is there to serve only the few and it is no more concerned with the welfare of the people. They have common will and purpose, that is to gain wealth while they are in office. That's why when something leaks out in the media, they are ready to defend and give out reasons to make the people calm down. They do their best to discredit the one who tries to "blow the whistle". And why would they do that? Because they have obviously benefited from that administration. They have gained so much, all of them. Rumor has it that they are allegedly given money just to have to vote for something which the president wish to be voted upon. They act as a group, a very united group, like a pack of wolves for example, in order to survive the game of corruption, plunder and in fiercely clinging to precious power.

I saw a National Geographic video about the life of the wolves that live in the forest. It is interesting to know about their life in a pack. Their leader is called an Alpha male. He is the most dominant and the most aggressive among the group. The member wolves in effect follow his lead throughout. Another interesting member of the pack is the one called the Omega male. It is the lowest in the pecking order. He always has to keep himself last for if he tries to make himself threateningly visible to the Alpha male, he will be disciplined and be made to wait before everyone else. That is the life they portray as they are being observed in a controlled captivity. They act as one when they try catch a prey. When they decided on a prey, woe to that creature. It's his end. And they they protect their own. They are an interesting creature indeed.

The Philippine government which is at the seat of Malacañang Palace is sadly comparable to a pack of wolves. While we are now in turmoil because of the the ZTE scandal, her croonies can be seen defending her government. They show themselves unperturbed and continue unashamedly on as if nothing is happening. You can see how much they take care of each other in these times of accounting. Different officials from different branches in the government give testimonies and support for her. It is easy to note that she had been generous with them so that they would be willing to burn with her in hell. Their livelihood had been greatly improved under her care. The whistle blower Jun Lozada is being discredited so the people would not believe him. This is Philippine politics, rotten to the core! The president promptly announced that her family did not make business out of the government. Wow, as if the people don't already know! Maybe they didn't make business, they just plundered our treasury.

Since they are like a pack of wolves, what happens to us who don't run with them. We don't get our livelihoods improved. We have not benefited in this administration at all. Our wages have almost not increased at all in relation to the recent hike of vehicle fares, prime commodities and all other commodities in the market. We are left behind swimming in the mire of poverty. Many have no work at all. If not because of the dollars the OFW's send back home our economy would not stay afloat, practically speaking. What happens if the dollar weakens some more. It will be disaster.

There is much unrest and discontent among the people. I don't know where this is heading. The situation is volatile. It could become worse. But I still wish for a peaceful means nevertheless. I think it's always the best. But I really would like to have the government be cleansed. How can this happen? It will only be possible if the people who are there be replaced by new ones who are not under the claws of the oligarch. There will be no true reform if the president is under the mercy of the oligarch. we need to start afresh.

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