Sunday, February 17, 2008


To really have a good government is a matter of choice by no other than the officials that run it. If they choose to make it work specifically for the people then naturally, you have a good government. But if they agree together loot it instead and divide the spoils among themselves, then you have a shamefully corrupt government.

Look at what is happening with the Philippine government now. Scandal after scandal constantly haunt the administration. Why? There is no need to graphically portray what is there in the air. Because we all breathe it like the pollution that slowly chokes out the life of a living being. It is creating distress and sickness to the people, much like the Dengue epidemic. Everyone knows the obvious. Something, many things have been done that would make one with active conscience cringe with shame.

Everything God created is a solution to a problem. I read that somewhere. Each one has an assignment, that is why we are here in this world. A husband is assigned to his wife. Parents are assigned to their children. And so on and so forth. What about the president? Of course naturally, the president is assigned to the people. Simple equation, isn't it?

So, what is this chaos and turbulence in the Philippine political atmosphere then is showing us? It shows us that something is amiss. Something is totally off-tangent. It only points out to us the blatant disregard of our officials for the welfare of the people. What is being done ironically instead is the rampant "sucking out of the people's life blood from their veins". Our government have become the problem of our nation. Like a tree, it is being eaten by termites from the inside out. It may look strong on the outside, but it's really rotten inside. Sooner or later it will have to fall down by the pull of gravity without anyone touching it. Law of nature as they call it.

The officials that are there who are expected to solve the people's problem have violated or have gone against their destiny. And this rebellion against their oath to help our country has caused so much misery to the people. No wonder there is only bickering and quarrels among them. There is no peace. Almost no one is really doing what is right anymore, except maybe of the few.

The people needs to know the truth however ugly it is. Proverbs 28:13 says " He that covereth his sins shall not prosper." It is time for us to know the truth because it will set us free from bondage.

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