Sunday, August 2, 2009


The death of the most beloved and respected of all presidents of the Philippines, Corazon Aquino has deeply saddened the Filipino people. She was a great loss for us.

Her presidency was a series of example of sincere dedication, unpretentious and self-sacrificing hard work. She was one of a kind. Once she has tasted power and influence and yet it never tainted her motivation in serving the people. She never entertained thoughts remaining in power.She is admirable in a sense that she never used her position to shamefacedly make members of her family become government officials for it would tantamount to a sort of nepotism. She invested no self-interests that would be self-profiting while in power. She is the only president I know who never had dubious transactions aimed at gaining wealth personal wealth. She and the people working with her, worked in unison to restore the lost democracy under Marcos regime. They never attempted to plunder our country and to corrupt the position they hold in an effort to show real service.

Yes, her life was a life of dedication to true service. She is the epitome of purity, dedication and integrity. No one can ever point a finger at her, for if they would, they would only be putting in light their own hidden evil motives.

We the people of the Philippines, may never witness another human being, another leader as pure as she is. We all are grief-stricken. We cry our hearts out. For we not only lost a president but democracy as well.

I take-off my hat to her in honor. I lament her departure. Who is like unto her? The hearts of all Filipino people go out to her and to her family.

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