Friday, January 25, 2008

City of the Orient

This is the second bridge in our city known as Lapulapu city. It looks especially attractive against a backdrop of sunset. This bridge connects to Mandaue City. I love this bridge when I see it from the distance. It's beautiful in its simplicity.

Lapulapu City is blessed with white beaches and sparkling, clear, blue seas. You would feel reinvigorated as you laze by the beach on a clear bright day away from the hassles and predictability of work. So when you decide to get away from it all try our beaches. There are a lot of hotels located in this city. You just have to choose from one of them and you're entitled to the refreshing feeling you get when you're near a lovely beach.

Savor also the exotic tastes of various recipes of seafoods fresh and delectable from the bounties of the ocean. The hospitability of its people will make you think you're in paradise. You'll never feel more at home than in this little city of the orient.

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