Friday, January 18, 2008

Good News

There may be a forewarned calamity coming, but there's also a way out of it if we just heed. God always provides a way of escape. Remember what happened to Nineveh? Jonah was sent to warn them. Jonah wants the people of Nineveh punished for their evil deeds but God showed that no matter what Jonah's preference was, when God wants to forgive He would surely turn disaster into a blessing provided that the nation concerned would repent. That's the key word, REPENTANCE! Surely, if we will not remain stiff-necked and get rid of our pride and repent in front of God and ask for His forgiveness, he will not let calamity engulf our nation.

The problem is, does anyone still ever believe in the prophecy that God has laid down for us to guide us? Has anyone ever made the connection that all these troubles that haunt us are because of our continued violation of His laws and statues? And does anyone still has meaningful relationship with God?

Anyway, here's the good news. God is able to forgive us and preserve us from utter damnation if we acknowledge our error. No one has total control of this world from the physical, political and various natural calamities that trouble us except the God in heaven who created everything.

So we should bow down to His Majesty and let us be corrected of our ways. All the things that we do on our own to solve these trouble that beset us will prove futile and irrelevant. It will only make matters complicated. All the scramble for the highest position and promise to solve and make our government better are off-tangent. The heart of the matter is what is inside us. We all need to cleanse our hearts by humbling ourselves and admit our failure.

It will be like throwing a pebble in the middle of a pond and it will create waves which would make a disturbance in the pond. It will make a difference. It will change everything. If we make the first step to change ourselves, it will begin to change everything around us and the whole world as well. Like the "one small step, one big leap for mankind" kind of thing that Armstrong had stated when he stepped on the moon.

We can start now. Make assessments of our past. See what is before us realistically. Let us not limit our thinking with the limitations we impose upon ourselves. Let us try to see the positive side of everything. Make no rationalizations. Let us not make harsh judgments on other people. Put ourselves in their shoes and meditate.

It's not yet too late for all of us.

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