Saturday, November 17, 2007

Conditions 2007

Morally: There is a great deterioration of people's moral values. People seem to tolerate evil behavior. They admire brashness and indecent dealings. Those who are trying to stick to what's right is unpopular and are viewed as nerds and unnatural.

The media: There is much bias and favoritism in reportings. Reporter's use their skill to gain money through it either through cover up or non reporting of events, whichever is favorable to the benefactor.

Politically: Politicians usual promise theme- "to help my country"- is never kept and plunder the country they've sworn they would help instead. They really have to intention of helping but are there only to enrich themselves mostly.

Individually: People try to achieve success at the expense of others.

Worldwide: There is so much chaos, political and religious. Politics and religion is so mixed up that we cannot see where one ends and where the other begins. Wars wreck havoc the world around. Killings are rampant. There is so much hunger in some areas and excess of foods in other areas. Diseases strike suddenly and there is no cure for most of them.

The climate: It is so erratic it has made our world intolerably hot or cold. Floods and fire devastate everywhere.

Commodities: They are becoming too expensive not to mention the tax charged for each item bought.

Conditions of our world are alarming. Can anyone guess where we are heading? Can anyone give the solutions to all of these?

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