Sunday, November 18, 2007


This song which Celine Dion sung entitled Immortality is a very beautiful music for me. The melody instantly captures my heart and then when I read the lyrics I found that it has a very profound meaning which also penetrated the core of my imaginations. It seems to voice out what is deep inside me. That's why I came to love this song. When I learned that this song was composed by the Bee Gees, it has all the more gotten my interest in it musically. Bee Gees is very popular for their soul music for indeed their music touches the very core of ones soul. Celine Dion is outright compatible with the music as she is able to sing it soulfully the way it should be. I like more of this kind of music. I believe that this kind of music bring out the good out of every person the way I understand it.

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