Tuesday, February 14, 2012


The night is quiet with stars littered in the skies. Today is a wonderful night no trace of the heavy rains that got me wet practically all over upon going home from work. We just transferred to this new house so we are in a new neighborhood. A few kids biking by as I stood outside our new home watching them. I went back inside the house to see the fish I was cooking. It's our third night in this two-storey house. We have two units sitting side by side and of course will be used as one. I turned the music on a little bit louder while I sing along with it. The music is about Yahuwah and Yahushuah. I went doing my chores around the house singing to its tune. It feels comfortable here especially with two toilet and bath. It feels good to be in the loving hands of the creator who takes care of everything. I love this new neighborhood.

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