Friday, June 5, 2009


I have always wondered about the theory that man originally came from an ape. I don't really vehemently disagree but as I see today, there are still a lot of apes walking around who had remained in their original ape appearance. I don't see an inch of evidence of evolution working in them. They are still as apes as they were before. If evolution really is working till now we would have already been seeing half-ape creatures walking around who would be partly intelligent too, I surmise.

This is thought provoking. That's why it just makes the evolution theory weaker and weaker than ever before. And there is one other thing, if we really had evolved from the ape then maybe there would not have been remained an ape today because they would all have been already become humans if I am not mistaken.

Well, that is only my opinion. I guess we are all entitled to our opinion, right? I apologize if I have just been ignorantly declaring blah-blah-blah in effect. I am just musing having nothing more interesting thing to note.

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