Thursday, July 3, 2008

Things that's making me busy...

I had enrolled my son in a public school here in our place. I am glad that he is showing interest in going back to school since last year he was rather distracted with his barcadas (friends)and experimenting with drinking and smoking. I was so troubled with the way he is taking life in a negative way. But now he seems to have become bored with his ways and having no specific goal to achieve.
He is now very interested in school and reports to me everyday what transpired in school and that he found so many friends there, boys and girls. He also shows me his tests results which are indeed impressive considering that he has been out of school for a year. I bought him all he needed in school so he would not have to worry over anything except study.

In my workplace, I am also engrossed with the work in which I try not to have so much backlog. I prefer my table neat and uncluttered with unfinished work. The only thing that's making me cringe of going to work at times is the cold temperature inside the office. It feels I am in the Antarctic region. I have to endure the cold in the office because of the air conditioning going on full blast which my officemates prefer. I am beginning to think they like cold-blooded fishes in the ocean. It's making my lips blue that I have to bring with me a coat to keep out the cold from my body. I had a recent bout with coughs and colds with lasted more than a month. I had thought I contracted the dreaded tuberculosis. But thank God that the humiliation of having to cough in the office is over. I even incurred much leave of absences because of this. Anyway, all is well that end's well.

At the church, I was elected the leader of the women's group we call as WOMISO. I don't know what that word meant because I usually shy away from activities like this because I prefer to be private doing my own thing. I was completely taken aback when they elected me. But then, I thought maybe it's time I had to do some sacrifice of my time and do some work of this kind. I reluctantly accepted the responsibility.

I had to make time for everything. These are the things that made me busy as of the moment. Anyway, all the things will work together for good in the long run, I believe. We always reap what we sow, so I am sowing in essence, with the expectation of reaping something good in the near future. Wish me luck!

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